Quiz of the Day


CE.2d  Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps used to amend the Constitution?

A) Congress/convention proposes a change and the states ratify
B) Congress/convention proposes a change and the courts interpret
C) States propose a change and Congress ratifies
D) Congress/convention proposes a change and the counties ratify



CE.11a Analyze the picture above. The object pictured above is an example of what type of resource?

A) Capital
B) Entrepreneurial
C) Human
D) Natural


CE.5b  Which word or phrase best completes the statement below?

______________ are reflected in campaigning.

A) Mass media’s role in elections
B) Similarities between political parties
C) Political personalities
D) Differences between political parties


CE.13c  Some Americans argue that the government should cut spending on welfare and other social programs.  A possible effect of such decreases in government spending could be:

A) lower taxes
B) lower wages
C) higher deficits     
D) larger government


CE.13a  Define EPA.

A) Government entity that regulates broadcasting / media
B) Government entity that protects the environment
C) Government entity that regulates trade
D) A guarantee to fix something is it breaks, often within a defined time period after purchase


CE.5b  What would be the best title for the logo above?

A) Functions of political parties
B) Similarities between political parties
C) Differences between political parties
D) Third party


CE.10c Which of these is NOT true of a civil case?

A) A civil case deals with felonies and misdemeanors charges.
B) A civil case deals with disagreements between two parties.
C) A civil case usually involves compensation.
D) A civil case may be appealed to a higher court


“Influence of Political Action Committees Continues to Rise”

“Republicans and Democrats Spend over $100 million in 2000 Presidential Election”

“Senate Passes Campaign Finance Reform Act”

CE.5d  What is the central issue of the above headlines?

A) Republicans and Democrats spend equal amounts of money
B) American citizens pay high taxes to support presidential campaigns
C) Running for political office is expensive
D) Candidates spend much of their own money on political campaigns


CE.2b,10c Arrest if probable cause : Gives freedom of religion, assembly, petition, press, and speech;  Guilty verdict may be appealed : ___________

A) Allows government to tax income
B) Prevents Congress from changing member salary for the current term
C) Prohibits national government from acting in an unfair manner


CE.13d What term refers to the purchasing value of money? (hint: when this is high, prices go up / money is worth significantly less)


CE.14  Name four examples of being fiscally responsible.






CE.5b Name the four similarities between political parties.