Create Your Own Business!

The final major project of this school year revolves around the creation of your own business. From start to finish, you're going to design a company that sells a good or service, and figure out a viable business plan. What recent vocabulary term would describe this situation?


To start, you need to come up for an idea for a product or service. Perhaps if you like soccer, you could start a company selling soccer cleats. Or if you like softball, well, you should probably like soccer more. I suppose you could also design a company selling bats! How about a clothing company? Or perhaps start a doctor's office?


On page 72 of your notebook, I want you to write the tentative title of your company at the top of the page, and below it take 10 minutes (or more if you choose to finish for homework) and create an appropriate logo for your company. Be creative! These will be checked next class for a grade.