Click here, and read the article. Don't just skim it, actually read the entire article.


On page 82 in your notebook (directly after Economics LINCS 3), write a 3 paragraph summary of the article. But first, answer these 10 questions from the article:


1. Name three elements that political party implosions often share. What do they often resound with?

2. What happened in 1800?

3. What were the Alien and Sedition acts?

4. What happened in 1854?

5. Who was elected in 1860, and for what party?

6. What effect did the nativist 1924 law have?

7. What was enacted in 1965, and how did this transform American life?

8. How did Donald Trump open his campaign?

9. Define nativism.

10. What is a recurrent echo throughout American political history?


=Now use all of this info to write a 3 paragraph summary below the questions=