Fifth Period Congress Law Records


Mikayla: Save energy by turning off Wi-Fi and power

+        Helps environment

-          Restricts access to internet and power

Bilal: Students allowed to get on phones at the end of each period for ten minutes

+        Check messages, teachers put in grades

-          Distractions

Gabe: No homework

+        Less work for teachers and students

-          Less grades, not likely to learn as much

EmmaLee: Voting at age sixteen

+        More people voting

-          Immature and very influential

Damian: Santa comes two times a year

+        More presents and holidays

-          More workforce, says Santa gets thrown in jail if he doesnít show up

Caleb: Let students eat in class

+        Students would be able to satisfy hunger

-          Messy classrooms

(Overrode veto)

Hannah: Canít drive until twenty-one if GPA isnít higher than a 3.0

+        Responsible drivers

-          Many people would be mad and have no way of transportation or getting a job

Josh: No school on Wednesdays

+        Get caught up on schoolwork

-          Takes away from school, child-care has to be provided for some kids

Imani: No testing on animals

+        Saves animalsí lives

-          Brands would have to find alternatives, maybe even discontinue product making

Holly: People who have misused firearms three times cannot use again for five years

+        Keeps public safe from potentially dangerous people

-          Wonít have any protection

Elizabeth: Eating in class

+        Reduces hunger and inattentiveness due to hunger

-          Some may leave trash and messes behind



 Credit to Elizabeth for recording.


            Best of luck to all in the future!