Quiz of the Day


USII.6b The Twenty-first Amendment to the U. S. Constitution -

A) gave American Indians citizenship
B) gave women the right to vote
C) repealed (ended) prohibition
D) ended labor strikes


USII.5a Which of the following was a direct result of the Spanish-American War?

A) The United States gained control of Spain
B) The United States issued the Monroe Doctrine
C) The United States declared war on Japan
D) The United States emerged as a world power


USII.5c  Who was the leader of the United States during World War I?

A) Georges Clemenceau
B) Woodrow Wilson
C) Winston Churchill
D) Josef Stalin


USII.2b From 1860 to 1900, the textile industry developed in -

A) the southeast
B) New England
C) Mid Atlantic
D) the northwest


USII.2c Which number represents the Rocky Mountain region?

A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5


USII.3a The 14th amendment -

A) granted citizenship to African Americans.
B) gave African Americans the right to vote.
C) gave women the right to vote.
D) ended slavery in the United States.


USII.6a Define urban.

A) The mafia
B) Illegal drinking club
C) City or downtown area
D) The
movement of a large group


USII.4d Which of the following Captain of Industry is NOT correctly paired with his industry?

A) Cornelius Vanderbilt/railroad
B) John D. Rockefeller/oil
C) Henry Ford/automobiles
D) Andrew Carnegie/textiles


USII.6b  With which industry are Prohibition bootleggers associated?

A) Automobile
B) Alcohol
C) Steel
D) Shoe/Clothing


USII.3b Which of the following events brought about the end of Reconstruction?

A) the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse
B) the assassination of President Lincoln
C) the election of 1876
D) the Progressive Era





USII.6b During the Great Migration, African Americans moved to the -

A) eastern United States
B) north and western United States
C) south and western United States