Quiz of the Day


CE.7b  Which statement is an example of the system of federalism?

A) Cabinet members are appointed by the president
B) Revenue bills must begin in the House of Representatives
C) The national government coins money, but the states cannot
D) The president negotiates treaties, while the Senate ratifies


CE.3c Which of the following aspects of citizenship is the picture above demonstrating?

A) Civic duty
B) Civic responsibility
C) Naturalization
D) Freedom of petition


CE.7a Both the governor and the lieutenant governor of Virginia are elected for __ year terms.

A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 6


CE.7b  Which level of government is responsible for regulating commerce?

A) National
B) State
C) Local
D) County


CE.8a  Who may be hired by the elected legislative branch to oversee the operations of local Virginia government?

A) a mayor
B) a governor
C) a president
D) a manager



Veto Legislation

Propose annual budget


CE.6b  Which of the following answer choices correctly replaces the question mark as the title of the table?

A) Legislative Powers over the Executive Branch
B) Executive Powers over the Legislative Branch
C) Judicial Powers over the Legislative Branch
D) Legislative Powers over the Judicial Branch


CE.2d  To amend the Constitution of Virginia, a proposal must first be made by the ...

A) Congress or convention
B) General Assembly or convention
C) President and Vice-President
D) Speaker of the House and Senate


CE.8a  Which unit of local government has an elected Board of Supervisors that enacts ordinances and adopts an annual budget?

A) Virginia state
B) Virginia county
C) Virginia city
D) Virginia town


CE.7d  In which role is the governor in charge of the state militia?

A) chief of state
B) chief legislator
C) party chief
D) commander-in-chief


CE.8a Virginia town : Town council, Virginia county : ___________

A) Board of supervisors
B) Town council
C) Manager
D) City council






CE.8a  Name at least three of the four political positions that the Virginia Constitution requires every locality to elect.