Quiz of the Day


WHI.2a  These early humans lived in small clans and may have originated in Africa and spread into Europe and Asia from 100,000 to 400,000 years ago.

A) Australopithecus
B) Homo sapiens
C) Homo habilis
D) Homo erectus


WHI.6j This image is of the Roman __?__ .

A) Colosseum
B) Circus Maximus
C) Forum
D) Pantheon

3&4. WHI.6  Label the cities. Spelling counts


WHI.6h Early church councils made decisions regarding questions of varying aspects of their faith.  These decisions became church law or __?__.

A) diocese
B) doctrine
C) heresy
D) testaments


WHI.6h The __?__ contained accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as well as the writings of early Christians.

A) New Testament
B) Old Testament
C) Torah
D) the Aeneid

7. WHI.6k  Name of the emperor who converted to Christianity and moved the Roman capital to Byzantium. Spelling counts.


WHI.6h Define apostle.

A) First Roman Leader to convert to Christianity
B) Someone who suffers persecution and death for their beliefs (often religious)
C) Someone chosen to lead and save the world
Disciple of Jesus, commonly someone who spreads a religious message


WHI.6c  Name an economic, social, and political impact of the Pax Romana. (3 points each, All 3 = 10pts.)


WHI.9d  Which correctly states the area of settlement for these migratory groups?

A) Vikings from Russia to England
B) Magyars from Hungary to Russia
C) Angles and Saxons from continental Europe to England
D) Vikings from Central Asia to Hungary





WHI.3a Fill in the blanks: (3 points each, but spelling counts)

_________________ = Civilization based around Tigris and Euphrates

_________________  &  _________________ = Early Civilizations based around the Nile River

_________________ = Early Maritime civilization settled along Mediterranean coast- would eventually found Carthage and parts of Southern Italy